How to Slay Your Opponents in Low Stakes Poker Tournaments?

How to Slay Your Opponents in Low Stakes Poker Tournaments? Low stakes online poker tournaments are an excellent zone for emerging and aspiring players who want to make a name in poker. In fact, the largest chunk of players in the Indian poker circuit can be found in the low stakes realm as millennials can now easily access heightened opportunities of competition and real money prizes in trending poker sites.

No matter how many players tout full proof strategy to beat low stakes online poker tournaments, there is no magic bullet or default set of strategies to ace in poker overnight, It’s all about taking one game at a time, observing and understanding your opponent’s game better and applying strategies unique to each player to beat them in their own game.

So, bear with us as we shall try to highlight certain points that can elevate your game and take you closer to victory. Explore, experiment and apply them against different set of opponents and see if that makes a difference.

Low stakes Poker

Learn more about your opponents

Every time you hit the felts of low stakes poker games, you meet a different set of opponents. The best way to gain edge in low stakes poker tournaments online is to acquire abundant information on your opponents and apply reverse psychology on them to target their weak spots.

Therefore, playing tight every time as touted by most experienced players might not pay you off in the long run. You need to be patient and observe your opponents every time you hit a new table and adjust your strategies accordingly. Even playing loose aggressive against players who like to downplay and trap you will only spill away your stack size.

So, in low stakes poker, players need to be aggressive but be smart about it, the idea is to custom play your moves against different opponents and mix it up. Just like you, you do not want your opponents to figure you out and profile you as a certain type. The key is to keep your game unpredictable and make your opponents guessing.

Profile Your Opponents

The Passive Limper

You too need to figure out the type of players on the table and hit them the best possible way to siphon their money. For eg: against limpers, you need to value bet them if you have a strong hand like a top pair to steal maximum money. However, in low stakes poker tournaments, size your bets in a way that the limper doesn’t fold too soon. In case, this kind of player raises post flop on the turn or the river, it is most likely he has crushed you with a better hand, so you can fold without second thoughts.

The Aggressor who likes to play too many hands

There are certain type of players who like to play too any hands and want to see the flop almost every time. Such players are pretty common in low stakes online poker tournaments who like to show a lot of aggression that makes it even harder to play them. These players almost certainly bluff at least 50% of the time but since they do it with aggression, it gets tough to assess their moves accurately and you end up folding midway and diminish your stack size even if you have a decent hand.

One way to beat such players in low stakes poker games is by identifying the good spots with a strong hand in the board and provoke them to bluff you. For eg: if you have As,9c and the flop comes Ah,6d,2c, you make a 3.5 bet. On the turn, check your opponent to act as if you got a weak hand and let your opponent sense it and raise you. Here, instead of acting immediately, take a few seconds to show you are making a tough decision and then, call them.

This will make the opponent almost certain you have doubts, so, he will raise you again on the river. The idea is to make him value bet with the idea to make you fold on the river. He will be shocked to see your top pair on the river because such players only run with the assumption of value betting on all streets. However, make sure the board contains ample missing pieces that work on your favour till the end.

The One Who Plays Passively Tight

Players like these are perhaps the most common type in low stakes poker tournaments who rarely enter the pot and if they do, they usually have a strong hand. They bet strong with top pairs but then, fail to defend their blinds when they face a raise post flop at which point you should apply pressure with a 3.5 raise or more. So, understand this, they check call when they have a good pair and check raise when they have better than a top pair making it easy to figure them out.

Since these players play a straight up game, it is easy to dismiss them if they check call the flop. Take advantage of these players by stealing their blinds as often as possible by raising pre-flop and c-bet after the flop as they will fold most likely at this point if not earlier.

Having said that, you will find more complex players as you move up in stakes. For now, if you manage to profile your opponents and manage to outsmart these particular types, you can easily guarantee your place in the top 3 in low stakes poker tournaments.

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All the best!

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