How to earn money online in india

My dear friends, do you want to earn money at the home, how to earn money online in India, then read this information carefully today. Today I am going to tell you about the great app. I am going to tell you the best way to earn money so that every person sitting at home is earning money from Amazon and Flipkart online.

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How to make money from Amazon?

How to make money from Amazon is very easy? Many people must be thinking, don’t listen and read carefully, if you want to earn money, then all those people who want to earn money, create an account on Amazon. Jico does not know how to create an account, watch the video below, and create an account.

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How to create Amazon Affiliate Account & Earn from Amazon?

If you have now created an account on Amazon, register for the Amazon Affiliate account. Why create this Amazon affiliate account now? You are right, neither is this question in your mind. So listen now when you create an Amazon affiliate account, then your earnings will be real.

If you want to earn money from Amazon, then listen to your house or if anyone wants to order something online at home, then you will get a link from the Amazon website of the products which will be a unique link. With whom you will share that link, after which you have to buy the goods, after clicking on the link sent by that person, as soon as that person buys the goods for themselves, then you help Amazon to sell that item instead. So that’s why Amazon gives you some part of that stuff and if you sell Amazon’s goods like this, then you will get your share or share of each item and you can earn much money sitting at home.

After creating an account on Amazon, now you register on Amazon Affiliate account, if you don’t know how to create an account on Amazon Affiliate, then watch the video below and make an account easily. How to earn money online in India.

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If you do not know how to generate affiliate links in Amazon, then you have a complete look at the above video and start wishing for money. Friends, look at this website in which I have made an Amazon affiliate website. Friends, see my website today and at the same time, do you guys also want to build your own Amazon affiliate website? If you want to build an affiliate website then you can make it.

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Friends, you should share this information with more people and help others, to earn money, if you have any question, then please ask us by commenting below. Read the above information carefully and start earning money from today and now.

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