How to Add Godaddy Nameservers

How to Add Nameserver in Godaddy

How to Change Name Server in Godaddy is done today, we will know this day in this post or article, and you will understand everything easily by reading this information today and you will find yourself inside your Godaddy You can change or set up your GoDaddy Nameserver very easily by hosting or Cloudflare, Godaddy me Name Server Kaise Add, then read this information in full today and understand how you people can make your Godaddy Name server We can change this information, let’s move forward and know Name Server Kaise Change Hota hai Godaddy Me.

Friends, my name is Ashwani Singh and I am also a Blogger and a YouTuber and I love to convey this type of information to you guys, so I am telling you this day in this information that how you guys are in Godaddy How you can change or change the nameserver very easily.

Godaddy Nameservers, How to change name servers in GoDaddy in English #earnlearnduniya

Friends, if you want to change the Godaddy name server, then the things I am telling you for that. If you guys read it carefully and if you follow it carefully, then you will easily reach the nameservers and from there you will tell me further how you can change your nameservers within Godaddy. Can or can change.

First way

To change the nameserver, first of all you have to signin your Godaddy login i.e. Godaddy, you have to sign in with that account from which account you have bought the domain, now listen carefully to what to do, that is, to login to the account. After that you will see your product written to you under the option i.e. Menu Option. Click on it. As soon as you click on it, then your people’s domain will start showing, after that what to do next, I tell you in the next step.

Second way

So friends, when the domain of your people starts appearing, then at the same time, you people get to see another option, whose name is All Products and Services, in which you will see the domain of the people, when the domain will expire domian. All of you people will get to know that easily there. Where the domain of your people is visible, that is, whatever you have taken will remain like that. .Com .in or any other type of domain that you guys have taken. You will see DNS written in front of you, just click on it, you are done here. Next let me tell you what to do? And how to do?

Third way

As soon as you clicked on DNS, you guys and DNS Management have come inside Godaddy DNS Settings. Where you see all the Nameserver Records of your people but here you do not have to see the people under the records, but you have to see another option under the Record option called Nameserver and this is the Nameserver which is given below to you people here You will also get to see nameservers of people in this way in the Screenshot. You may see something different inside two nameservers, but what you need to do to change is to directly click on the change button, and as I tell you that if If the nameserver has to change, then for which things are changed.

Fourth way

Godaddy Nameservers friends are changed for a lot of things, but the ones that are changed the most. The first of which is the Webhosting Company, if you have taken hosting from elsewhere to create a website or you have taken hosting from Godaddy then that hosting has to be added to the people with the nameservers of your domain as soon as you add them. The website starts running. After this, which is the second method i.e. the one that is used the most, it is called CDN (Content Delevery Network) i.e. it is mostly used.

To connect Cloudflare Website with your domain so that you can easily increase people’s WebsiteSpeed ​​according to any country and this brings a lot of speed to your website. With which your website gets easily opened in any country very fast and godaddy ssl certificate is also available for free, after adding the cloudflare website’s nameservers to godaddy, 100% free through cloudflare, so that Your website becomes secure too.

How to change name Servers? How to change Godaddy nameservers?

How to add nameserver in godaddy It is very easy to change friends nameserver as if you have understood that any website from where you have purchased web hosting has to go to that hosting cPanel, after that you have to go to Details / Dashboard Detail option There, you have to copy the nameservers that your web hosting company sees, there you will see two nameservers. Both have to be copied one by one and you guys have to change the name server of your Godaddy. It is also very easy to change which Godaddy’s nameserver is already visible and delete it.

After that click on Add Name server and add the nameserver of your people one by one to the nameserver of Godaddy here with both WebHosting names, that is, add it, and save it by clicking on the button of Godaddy Nameserver. After that, the name server of your web hosting company has been linked with the nameserver of your Godaddy.

Sometimes it can take 24 to 48 hours to change the nameservers or sometimes it takes even one or two 3 hours, then just wait and sometimes it gets connected immediately. Web Hosting Name Server Godaddy With domain nameserver. Your people’s website is ready and you can do whatever you want now, like you can install WodPress or if you want to use people and other CMS software, then you can make your website.

How to Change Name Server in Godaddy friends, I have told you that you guys know your information inside your nameserver kaise change kar sakte hai Godaddy website, if you have liked it, then you should definitely tell your comment below. Friends, if your domain is somewhere else and on the hosting goddess, then to know how to connect it with godaddy hosting nameservers, then comment below and tell.

Friends, you share this information with all your friends so that all your other friends also benefit from this information, they also know about this information.

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